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Q. I'm a property manager for a location in Arlington County, do I have to do a contract with A to Z, to establish a designated daily shuttle at our building?
A. NO! If you market / promote our business info: to your residents we can establish a shuttle/s for your building on a non-contractual basis.

Q. As a individual, to use the shuttle daily do I have to become a member or sign some type of contract?
A. NO! You pay as you go.

Q. Are your vans handicap accessible?
A. NO! They are not, drivers will assist elderly or anyone that may need assistance upon demand. We also allow blind individuals to be accompanied by Seeing Eye Dogs.

Q. Do you offer transfers to other transit system ie: Metro?
A. NO! However: We do offer direct-connect discounts as low as $1.

Q. What's in it for me if I refer my apartment complex or a friend to A to Z?
A. If your building becomes a permanent stop due to your referral, you can ride for 5 months "free" or take a cash pay-out of that value. If you refer a friend, you can ride for 2 weeks "free" or take a cash pay-out for that value.

Q. What are your hours?
A. We are a 24-hr service although M-F we do focus more on our daily shuttle programs.

Q. Many transit companies keep raising their fares, how steady will yours be?
A. Our analyst team has generated fares to be market friendly for all classification of status, therefore: we don't see a change in our fares for at least 8 to 10 years. With A to Z, you want see erroneous rates or fare hikes. Also, we do not have peak & non-peak fare changes.

Q. Presently what counties do you operate in daily & where do they go? 
A. We have a couple of shuttles M-F in the Alexandria, VA area & those shuttles go from properties to Huntington Metro. Majority of our fleet operates from over 50 properties in Arlington, VA & those stops consist of Pentagon, Pentagon City Metro & Navy Yard.

Frequently Asked Questions​

We "daily" transport over 5'000 + individuals

We presently have corporate contracts & many individual members