Fare would be paid by the individuals that use the service daily.
Payment options would consist of:

  • Credit / debit cards
  • Coupon booklets
  • Redemption booklets
  • On-line: Wells Fargo direct deposit
  • On-line: Paypal
  • Mail in order
  • FUTURE! Key fobs
  • FUTURE! Phone apps

Note: Driver will not carry or except cash.
Fares: are based on the estimated miles from your location / site to your nearest metro location.
Most fare rates for this program are at $1.25 or $1.50 per trip. 
Also as a Complimentary Continued THANK YOU! as long as you The Property Manager continue with our services, any new resident/s shall receive as a complimentary gift a week FREE worth a coupons. 

This special was established to assist all in our economies state. Here's how it works!

You the Property Manager market to your residents via: flyers, brochures, email blasts etc: that your building will begin to have a shuttle program established through A To Z. Based on the amount of estimated riders, this will determine how many shuttle van's are dedicated to your site. We normally would offer 10 or 15 minute intervals from your site to your nearest metro location. We are your direct connection to MGM Casino, National Harbor and African American Museum.
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We "daily" transport over 5'000 + individuals

We presently have corporate contracts & many individual members
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